about us

Hi, I'm Natália and I'm the artist behind this cute little project I called La Civetta as a way to honour my favourite childhood animal.

The background story to what you see is art being used as therapy and as a way to reconnect with one's creativity and imagination. Inspired by a pair of polymer clay earrings found at a shop in the Santa Teresa neighborhood, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, a few years ago, I felt my artistic spark being reignited by those beautiful handmade birds and I almost immediately started to play with this interesting material. For years I made pieces for myself and tested some techniques but was not yet ready to open them to the public.

So, it wasn't until 2021 that the first collection of La Civetta was really born. As a form of art therapy during turbulent times, working with the flexibility of polymer clay and the infinite possibilities of colours and textures helped me to once again re-access my creativity and subconscious and to re(encounter) myself. 

La Civetta is the result of this return to self expression and is a place for experimentation. With no fixed creative process, all polymer clay parts are cut or manually shaped and new techniques are constantly being tested. Some pieces happen by accident, in an attempt to make something else, and others are more intentional, but the results are never exactly what one had in mind.

This is healing jewellery for people who don't take themselves too seriously, people who love art and colours, and people who love to give their inner child a space to shine.

I hope you enjoy!